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Fearful that new river park will become homeless camp

Editor, Ceres Courier,

My family and I were at the inauguration of Lower River Bluff. We walked the entire park and truly enjoyed our time.  It’s easy to see that the park has tremendous potential. I’m certain that my family is not the only one to make use of this park and that many more will come to enjoy it. Since inauguration, I’ve returned several times but sadly I’ve already witnessed vandalism.

On my third visit, I could see someone already did donuts with their car at the entrance where all trails divert. I witnessed people fishing in the pond despite several “No Fishing” signs. The bathroom closest to the park reeked of tobacco and there were alcohol bottles on the ground. It was a sad sight given that there was a soccer event going on, as well as a family gathering nearby where children had to make use of the bathrooms in such conditions.

During one of his visits from Orange County, my father-in-law inadvertently walked down to the park prior to inauguration and ran into Kenny Vaughn. Kenny expressed his concern that the park may soon become a homeless encampment. 

I’m hopeful for the protection and development of the park to eventually be as serene and beautiful as the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco and hope that citizens and city protect the park at all costs henceforth. Our city bleeds money fixing vandalism, so maybe it’s time for tougher ordinances to combat vandalism.

Alvaro Franco,


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