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Fifth Street signage appreciated
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

We would like to thank Supt. Siegel for doing exactly what he said he would in regards to new school zone signage on Fifth Street which was added on Oct. 17. 

For two years our committee, “The Service Dogs” has been working towards getting a crosswalk and school zone signage for the Fifth Street location of our campus. 

While some told us to forget our efforts, Dr. Siegel took action that made Fifth Street safer for the good of the students at Ceres High School and for that we truly thank his leadership. 

Anyone that travels Fifth Street every morning during the school year or for pickup after school understands the need for increased safety measures. Hundreds of students, cars, bikes, walkers, and multiple school buses come together at the same time. 

Fifth Street wasn’t designed to accommodate the congestion that has come with increased traffic and population growth. Our student committee hopes that the city and school district will work together to make the necessary safety improvements that are still needed. 

Camryn Elness,

Gurpinder Bahia,

Krishan Malhotra,

Jake Nevarez,

Gary M. Condit,

CHS students

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