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Fowler Road needs help
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I was so glad to read the article about the speeding on Fowler Road. I have had family living on Fowler Road for over 30 years and I have actually written into the Ceres Courier about the speeding on that street but received no response. For several years I would visit my family and was truly shocked at how fast people drove on that street. I told my mom when they opened up Fowler to Mitchell Road she was going to have a problem and I saw this myself firsthand on my visits.

Seeing how hard it was to back out of my Mom's driveway and the way people passed cars that were turning was a real danger.

I grew up in that neighborhood and used to play and swim at the canal. I am very glad that someone has taken notice of a horrible situation that exists.

Lynn Verot,
Houston, Texas