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Fresno Democrat wants to take out Rep. McClintock

Editor, Ceres Courier,

With the new odd-numbered year beginning, American citizens witness the seating of another new Congress. The new Congress, sitting on Jan. 3, 2023, will be the first transfer since the semi-fascists almost succeeded in their violent and illegal overthrow of the United States government.

Since that event two years ago, what has Republican Congressman Tom McClintock done to improve our country?  He didn’t support any of the infrastructure spending that will provide rural Stanislaus County residents with high-speed Internet access. He wasn’t, and isn’t, there supporting his constituents in Ceres as they worked, and continue to work, through the once-in-a-generation COVID disease. Instead, all he does is spend time with Marjorie Taylor Greene while they both scream about Fauci and demand investigations of Hunter Biden. 

Tom ‘Marjorie Taylor Greene’ McClintock seems to think that Stanislaus County Republicans share his Mississippi values of cruelty, punishment, and violence.  What he has forgotten, or maybe never knew, is that Stanislaus Republicans favor California’s values of decency, kindness, and empathy.  

As the new Congress progresses, Stanislaus County Republicans will see that Tom ‘Marjorie Taylor Greene’ McClintock does not actually care about governing or improving the day-to-day lives of Stanislaus County residents. Instead, Tom ‘Marjorie Taylor Greene’ McClintock is only interested in vindictive political hearings and creating political chaos through the Mississippi values of cruelty, punishment, and violence.  

Republicans in Stanislaus County need a representative who will fight for them with California’s values of decency, kindness, and empathy.

Jason Kassel,


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