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Government cannot tell us how much cash we can have

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am incensed! Who does our government think it is?! I just read a notice at my credit union that due to new rules from the Federal Reserve, I'm only allowed to transfer money out of my savings account six times a month (unless I show up personally at the CU). That's a major violation of my rights as an American. It's my money, not theirs (though I know they think they own everything).

It doesn't matter that I will rarely run up against this rule; the point is that it is a violation of my privacy and my property rights to tell me where and when I can do anything with my money. It is another small step towards communist/totalitarian rule by our government (and, sadly, most people just don't get it).

I'm sure their so-called justification is that this is part of the war on terrorism or drugs or something. Horse feathers! Both wars are failures because their objective is not to win but to continue forever (along with the war on poverty) as a way to control us and profit government and crony businesses.

I will be writing to my representative, Jeff Denham (who I did not vote for, but oh well). Denham is a pawn of the Republican Party for most things, but when enough of his constituents contact him about something, I believe he still listens (mostly). So I would encourage everyone to write/call Jeff and tell him to take some action to rein in the Federal Reserve on this. If enough do, maybe he might have the gumption to write a bill and push it.

Jim Collins,

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