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Hatch decendant grateful

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Last September you wrote several articles about early pioneers, my great grandfather Ephraim Hatch included. As you mention, Ephraim, and his wife Caroline (Horn), moved in their later years to Santa Clara near San Jose. Ephraim died there at age 82 and was buried (as are most of the contemporary members of his family) in the Oak Hill Memorial Park, San Jose.

You wrote about Amos Hatch, whose tombstone is in the Ceres Memorial Park. Amos was originally buried in Ceres, but his remains were exhumed and buried alongside the family at Oak Hill.

Thank you for the memorial of this Pioneer who traveled at an early age from Chelsie, Vermont to California by way of Panama (before there was a canal). His actions in the 19th Century fostered the development of the Central Valley of California an agricultural giant during the 20th century.

Jeff Hatch

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