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Help support our local food banks to help the struggling

Editor, Ceres Courier,

With this current economic recession, many of us know about the high demand put on local food banks and pantries. If you donate to such local food outlets, almost all benefits received will be by our neighbors and friends. Please make your contributions available to these local nonprofits, so they can service thousands of people in need here.

Stanislaus County has one of the highest poverty rates in California. These food outlets have come up with unique ways to reach those in need of food. New outlets have been set up, and the older existing food outlets have managed to do with much less, and still deliver the goods. You can contribute via their websites, or just send a check to organizations like Second Harvest Food Bank, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Love Christian Center, Salvation Army and many other food distribution sites serving the greater Ceres urban area.

By donating to our local food outlets, seniors, the homeless, the unemployed, and the hungry will get direct help they need and deserve. A well-fed population will stay healthier longer, promoting their own immune system and helping bolster their self-esteem.

Daniel Marsh,


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