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Higher ethics, better solutions with diversity
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

This is in response to Duane Thompson's letter bearing the heading "Ochoa sounds racist tone" that appeared in the April 10 edition of the Courier. The current council is composed of five Anglo members. Since the time that Ceres was founded, former city councilman Guillermo Ochoa is only the second ethnic minority to have served.

As a good citizen, I feel compelled to point out that the council too frequently voices the same opinion and votes alike. Four of the members have also supported each other during previous election cycles.

Since when does expressing a genuine desire for more representative diversity deserve labels such as "unethical" and "racist"? Not only am I proud of Guillermo Ochoa for having served on the Ceres City Council, I also hold him in the highest regard for consistently reaching out to the community at large in order to more inclusively make better city policy decisions.

As an American (of Sikh Indian heritage), and a businessman, it would be nice to see at least some modicum of diversity in the council's chemistry. Perhaps one day a person of my stature will become an elected member.

In closing, a less exclusive, more diversely representative council body would translate into better solutions along with higher ethics.

Parmjit Singh Dhillon,

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