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His guns are well trained & not abused
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

My guns are not violent. They are properly trained and obey all my commands. They don't go out and shoot people. They stay in the house in their proper place. They never leave the house without being on a leash or in their proper cases. They don't throw tantrums and they protect me when needed.

They treat my visitors with respect. I take care and don't abuse them and they don't rebel against me. They will protect me and my country against all terrorists, people who wish to take over my country, criminals, and others who wish to do me harm. On Father's Day, my guns and I went to the gun range and we had a good time.

There are guns that have violent owners who mistreat and use them to do violent deeds for them. They obey their owners' every command. The owners have no respect for life and country and have trained their gun the same way.

As a result of their bad deeds we are forced to try and make laws to curb this violence, but in doing so these laws affect the innocent. These laws don't really affect the violent people because they have no respect for human life or the laws. The guns have no control over their owners and can't make decisions on their own. So unless we control these violent people there will always be violent people using guns or other means to kill people.

T.C. Brown

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