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Hopes the Home Depot cat killer is brought to justice
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

My wife and I seldom go to Ceres but we happened to be there last week and stopped into the store to get some fresh produce. We had to get a copy of the Courier because the headline on the front page greatly disturbed us: "Poisoned Cats mourned."

We have two very loveable cats - which stay in the house for good reasons. We sympathize with that elderly couple, Welba and Maria Arms, who would feed the cats by the Home Depot in Ceres. The nine kitties had only friendly faces as they loved to see the couple when they came to give them food. It was very mean and cruel of that devilish person who poisoned the poor felines. We hope the S.O.B. is caught and punished with nine tails of barbed wire. We're sure that the cats did not hurt anybody. If anything they probably helped to keep the rat and mice population down. That was a problem we had when we lived in Ceres several years back - rats and mice coming into the house - until we got a cat.

The fiendish person who poisoned those kitties is likened to the person(s) who broke the necks of quite a few ducks in a pond in Modesto a few years ago. Why such cruelty to animals who are not harming anyone, just enjoying their lives and bringing joy to people? If those fiends want to kill animals so much why don't they go after some of those vicious pit bulls that we hear about on the news at least once a week, attacking and killing people, other dogs and other animals? What about the vicious pack of dogs that killed and maimed all those goats on a farm recently? There may be a need to have a watch dog these days because of the crime rate, but pit bulls are the pits!

Leonard E. Churilla