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How can editor write off Russian collusion?
letters to the editor

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I find it amusing that the editor of a newspaper would attack all of the national news media claiming that the all of national news media is attempting to get Donald Trump by reporting on his misdeeds and outrageous behavior.

I was amused to read your so-called unbiased editorial given the assumptions you so easily make, and the double standards you apply.

You so easily write off the issue of Russian collusion, when in my opinion we have seen dozens of instances of associations between people around the president who have known contacts with Russians, both the Russian government and Russian citizens, with close contacts to the Kremlin including components of Russian Intelligence. And most importantly the investigation headed up by Mr. Mueller is incomplete. 

I would hope that a member of the media would have an open mind at least until the investigation, which has only been ongoing for shortly more than a year, is finished. Which is a very short time given the time frames of recent special prosecutor investigations.  Iran-Contra, Whitewater and Watergate took years to complete comprehensive investigations. 

But I guess the Ceres Courier editorial apparatus works much like the rest of the right-wing media: draw a preordained conclusion based on your political leanings in preparation to dismiss the final outcome of the investigation.

Odus Hall,



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