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Huerta’s political rant ruined joyous CSUS graduation
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

On Thursday, May 23 I attended graduation at Cal State University, Turlock. Nice program, speeches by students and staff.

I enjoyed Dorothy Bizzini. She told of coming from disaster in Oklahoma’s Dust Bowl, coming to California with hard work and very little money. She earned her way.

Then we get to Dolores Huerta. She preaches we are all from Africa. She says “You neo Nazis, get over it, you are from there too.” And how we are causing people at the border death and misery. I believe you can hear her on Facebook and she continued on.

She should just praise the students for their hard work and paying for an education.

All people should take a lesson from Mrs. Bizzini; not continue to have their hands out. Shame on our educators for letting Mrs. Huerta speak at a joyful event and tarnish it with her political beliefs and agenda.

Ella Gaede,


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