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It’s up to us to fix the depth of U.S. corruption

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Kudos for your Aug. 18 editorial that laid things out very accurately. Unfortunately approximately 20 years of our grade schools through college have been teaching only what is wrong with our nation’s past, leaving out all the good with the greed and free mentality mixed in.

Nothing is free; future generations will pay dearly for it. Many of our current politicos refuse to support the Constitution. The damage they have done stuffing their pockets while ignoring their constituents is criminal, yet ignored since so many are right there with them.

A lawful election is the main fix. I believe President Trump brought the depth of corruption to light – now it’s up to all Americans to work to correct it. I believe that the foundation our Founding Fathers installed is timeless and when not abused is best form of government in the world!

Will Schlarb,


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