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It’s wrong that chain applies credits to new balances first
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I recently encountered an issue at Home Depot regarding their accounts receivable system. There are two problems that are ongoing:

1). Their cutoff date for charges is beyond their pay due date.

2). Because of the above, payments are being applied to current charges that will not post until the next billing cycle!

For example, I had no monthly revolving charges of my last statement but I had a six-month payment program balance of $180. I paid $60 toward the outstanding $180. That day I also charged $62 of merchandise. To my horror, none of the $60 went toward the $180 six-month plan.

It seems Home Depot applies payments to the most recent purchases and not the oldest balances! No accounts receivable system should function in this manner. Oldest balances are always credited first! Home Depot also needs to move their cutoff date to sometime before the payment due date, as these charges will not appear on a statement until the following month.

I attempted to explain this to Home Depot personnel but I might as well have been speaking to a brick wall!

Robert Mullins,


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