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Jack Mobley can restore common sense in the halls of the state Capitol
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Elections are coming and once again voters will have some choices. Personally I hope we residents of 21st Assembly District have had our fill of politicians who place Party before the needs of the people. It is easy to find articles in the press about our "Representatives" in Washington and Sacramento who are caught in all manner of scandals and corruption. This is not unusual. What really distresses me the most is the lack of logic when it comes to laws, policies and budgets. There is a complete lack of common sense.

The atate is deep in debt and yet we pursue the High Speed Rail project. The drought has spawned several bond proposals as leaders have amazingly discovered the need for storage (begrudgingly). But "endangered fish" still rank above farms and food. And as schools struggle, the judicial system is breaking down, and the police are handcuffed by new policies. At the same time Sacramento is passing more rules and taxes that drive away jobs and businesses.

I want my Assemblyman to stand and fight for logical solutions, responsibility not excuses, and honesty. One man will not change things overnight, but it would be refreshing to see one trying. The man I know to fill the bill is Jack Mobley. Jack has real world experience as a private small business owner. He served his country in the Air Force. And he has integrity and honesty and will give you straight answers on issues. I urge a vote for Jack Mobley.

Allan R. Schell,

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