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James Wood has it right

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Actor James Woods should be given a Twitter gold award for capsulizing the Obama-Clinton 2016 presidential election scandal:

"So, Obama's government, the Democratic National Committee, and members of the mainstream media all conspired to fix a presidential election by deceiving a secret court allowed to spy on American citizens? Russians couldn't have done a better job of destroying sacred American institutions than Democrats have."

Not one Democrat has broken from the party line, with all of them OK with the Comey FBI and the Obama Justice Department lying to the FISA court and weaponizing the nation's intelligence apparatus to spy on the Trump campaign.

Even worse, most of the national media is acting like Pravda covering a Soviet show trial and protecting the Democrats.

Before the first memo came out, the Democrats and the media claimed the four-page House Intelligence Committee majority staff report constituted a grave threat to national security and revealed "sources and methods." It didn't and that was a lie. I can't wait for the 2018 elections.

Sara Blicharz,

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