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Jeff Denham offers more than just empty words
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Since the last election in 2016, I have seen and read the countless claims that Congressman Denham is not a “man of the district.” They claim he won’t even face people that disagree with him. This myth was debunked as we witnessed the debate negotiations. Denham not only took the initiative on debates but offered to do them where a large number of people could attend and at places like, the San Joaquin Farm and the Modesto Rotary that are important and hubs of our community. Even just today, Denham showed he indeed wasn’t afraid to face those that don’t agree with him as he was the first to accept a debate hosted by the Modesto Bee who endorsed Harder. This shows a lot of courage.

I’m glad to have a representative who values actions and not just empty words.      

Eileen Lucas,



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