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Let Gov. Jerry Browns legacy be desalinization plants
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

For years, I've been preaching to anyone who would listen the need for desalinization plants up and down the coast of this (and other ocean front states) as a way to "water" California without ruining our mountains, to no avail. Nobody wants to listen as there's not enough money for the political cronies to profit from it and because it makes sense.

Think about it. Who profits from twin water tunnels? The stockholders. The Jack and Jane homeowner, will pay through the nose for that water, taxes will go through the roof to purchase the land, materials, payrolls, kickbacks etc. and yet, if the desalination plant is put up at 1/50th of the cost of the tunnels, nah, no profit there.

Same goes for the stupid bullet train. Jack and Jane homeowner can't afford $100 to $150 tickets for a ride to nowhere, but they'll have to again, pay through the nose for taxes etc. to build that stupid railway that no one but politicians want.

Every politician in the state should be made to stand on the banks of Lake Folsom (to name just one) and see just how bad our relying on our mountains fountains have turned out.

Brown wants a legacy, let it be the desalination plants, and he'll be remembered for putting in something worthwhile and reasonable and ecologically far more important than the stupid railroad no one wants or the tunnels that will ruin the San Joaquin Valley as well as the Delta.

Al Barth

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