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Lets continue with the quarter-cent library tax

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The Ceres branch of the Stanislaus County library system is so vital to the all students in the Ceres Unified School District. We must still support it when the vote comes up in June to extend the quarter penny sales tax.

The Ceres branch very recently added Wi-Fi service so students or anyone can have learning access to the Internet.

Again, all 13 branches in the county wide library system do a wide and varied service to all of our public schools. Our public school libraries have not recovered from the cutbacks of our most recent recession. So, the countywide library system had to make up the difference by default. And, it has performed quite well at this.

Many other programs, like adult literacy, help many who have the desire to further their education. The students in the two and four year colleges in our county really need the facilities of the library system. I could not have completed my college degree training without it.

Please keep in your kind thoughts to support the countywide sales tax renewal coming up this June. Your individual yes vote will support the countywide system.

Daniel Marsh,

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