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Lobby against cuts to Meals on Wheels funding

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The new proposed federal budget is targeting cuts to the national Meals on Wheels programs. Here in Stanislaus County, Meals on Wheels supports local seniors aged 60 and over by providing excellent meals in a home delivery system. These meals are also provided at senior feeding sites throughout the county. These worthy programs will end if the cuts are approved by Congress in the next fiscal year.

This program is very special to Ceres, because the meals are prepared fresh at the Howard Training center located off of Hatch Road. It is a nice facility they have there.
The home delivery program is set up for homebound seniors who do not have resources to get to a grocery store. Most are poor and without this source of food, many would just go hungry. If anyone cannot eat well, their health will fail. These meals have been a stable in our community for many years.

Now is the time to contact our local Congressman Jeff Denham and let his office know how you feel about it all. I have emailed letters to him opposing these cuts. Funds are being shifted to pay for increase military spending. It seems like America is always getting ready for the next war, let's stop this craziness.

Daniel Marsh,

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