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Long-time Cerean weighs in on the citys image woes

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I read your editorial on Ceres, and find you are quite right on most points.

Let's see:

1). For more years than I like to remember, Ceres has got a bad rap, especially when the Bee was in Modesto. They only reported on Ceres when it sold papers - usually bad news.

2). Far too long the council only wanted this to be a bedroom community. They had no foresight. I'm not sure that has changed much as the only really new business is Walmart. And I don't see the Chamber really stepping up to promote the city. It takes citizens to raise a community but when they travel half a day on the road for work that doesn't leave much time for the community. When the big influx of Bay Area people began they wanted the country atmosphere without the things that went with it; they brought the problems with them they were attempting to get away from. Modesto moved their rent stuff to south and west of the tracks - south of the river which includes Ceres. I believe we have more low-income property for our size than Modesto. Why? Because past councils saw it as a tax base. I think it all goes to management of the city and it has not been done to the benefit of the city.

I have grown up in Ceres and have watched it change as a native son; it is sad to see how it has become.

Some good things are two high schools, two junior highs and many grammar schools.

What does the city of Turlock and Modesto have that Ceres does not? Inadequate infrastructure to support business. Do we not ship part of sewage to Turlock?

What do these other cities offer that Ceres cannot?

Walt Butler,

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