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Look at what you started, Colin Kaepernick

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Well well, look what you've started, Colin Kaepernick. And, yeah, I know you played in a Superbowl, but let's face it - it wasn't you, it was the team, when the team went to pieces. Your real talent showed through and thus you met the bench. I'll give you credit, even on the sideline you found a way to keep yourself in the spotlight. I mean really, the only social injustice you've experienced is being sent to your upper middle-class bedroom without dessert.

As for your clones, I don't care that you don't mind showing such disrespect. The truth is, you're nothing more than a weekend distraction. Your opinions mean nothing to me. How's this for disrespect? Shut up and entertain me!

Rob Matthews,

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