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Lots of good in Ceres

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I know in my heart that trusting in God and having faith is the main reason I am able to write this and to have been so blessed this last year. Of all the terrible things going on in our world and our communities there has been something happening in Ceres that you don't see very much of. Although I consider myself to a pretty conservative Christian, and I maybe am "expected" to see the good in people and have an optimistic point of view, I have over the years found myself losing the belief that a majority of people are good and do good things. Well five months ago that all changed.

My now 18-month-old son was diagnosed with a rare chromosome deletion 5q14.3 this last year, just learning what that is and what to expect is a story in itself. As much as I would like to educate people about my son's condition, I instead will share how a community is doing amazing things and revealing to me that there is good people and good things happening right here in front of us.

In the last five months the residents of Ceres and help from the outlying communities have raised thousands of dollars for two families in need. We happened to one of those families that were blessed by a fundraiser basketball game called "Hopes for Hope Kase's Game." I could never imagine that I would ever see this kind of support for our family and outpouring of love in the people that showed up on May 28. That day will forever be ingrained in my heart and I will always be grateful for what happened that night.

Philippians 2:4 says: "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." That night I saw close to 2,000 people not looking at their own interests but in the interests of my family and son Kase. It is because of that night that I have been able to see the "good" and realize that great things are happening; you just have to sometimes look for it.

You would think that having a huge fundraiser of that magnitude in a small community that they would be out of all the good. But that cannot be farther from the truth. About two months ago Ceres again rallied around a member of their community. Ruben Casas, a former standout athlete from Central Valley High School, was paralyzed early in the year from a freak accident. Not even three months after Hoops for Hope, a night called Pitching in for Ruben brought out the good in people again. It is amazing to see what can really happen when a community comes together.

There are so many family members, businesses and people to thank and recognize I don't know how I could list them all but these three special people Veronica Villa, Angela Durossette, and Greg Magni played a huge part in making those events happen. To all who were a part I truly thank you and I want you to know that you have a huge place in my heart. Thanks to the community of Ceres for opening my eyes to the good of people again.

Mike Reynolds,

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