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Many successful coaches have had to deal with stuttering problems

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I was not surprised by your article, “A New Challenge for Bret Durossette” because there have been many successful coaches who had to deal with stuttering. Durosette has great stats as a coach for the Bulldogs and is obviously an effective coach. There is a list of famous people who stutter on the Stuttering Foundation website ( with many many pro athletes. The list also cites many coaches who stutter such as Bob Sanders (assistant coach for Green Bay Packers and Miami Dolphins), Sigi Schmid (pro soccer coach and winning-est coach in MLS history) and Jeff Walz (head coach of University of Louisville women’s basketball).

The story of Bret Durosette’s coaching career is inspiring for anyone faces any type of challenge. Thank you for printing it.

Salvador Montoya Ortega,


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