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Modestan accuses editor of hateful treatment of Condit
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

This is what’s really behind the many misstatements you have written about Councilman Channce Condit: 

Channce received the highest percentage of the vote of any candidate in Stanislaus County, opposed or unopposed.

Councilman Condit did not insist that all department heads be asked if they would consider moving to Ceres. He proposed a simple routine question to be added to the hiring process that asked, ”If hired would you consider relocating to Ceres?” Since you relocated The Courier from Ceres to Turlock, this should be very easy for you to understand. 

And for you to accuse Councilman Condit of voting against someone because they are afflicted with cancer is one of the lowest things I have ever seen someone in your position do. Your unfair and vicious treatment of Channce Condit is no surprise to many of us. Just be honest and tell your readers about your long established, unwarranted and senseless hatred for the Condits.

Kevin McClarty,

North Modesto

(Editor’s note: I stand by the criticisms I have enunciated and have no hatred for the Condits. Secondly, the decision to move the Courier office to Turlock in 2012 was made by Dave Winegarden, the publisher at the time).