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More left-wing lunacy
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

As 2018 came to a close, the Democrats used December to display more left-wing lunacy.  

Front and center is the Democrats refusal and hypocrisy to fund a $5 billion border wall and their willingness to shut down the government. However, these same Democrats were willing to fund a border “fence” back in 2006. Why the change now?  Well, with Democrats, it is not a matter of principle; but a matter of political power.  

They look at illegal immigrants as a future voting block and therefore have pushed a safe passage for illegal aliens to come to America, enticing them with “freebies.” The Democrats have called to abolish ICE, who in 2018 captured 6,500 illegal aliens, who were murderers and sexual offenders. The Democrats have pushed to eliminate our borders to make America in the mold of France, whose cities burned in rioting. However, the most important reason they are obstructing President Trump is to make sure he doesn’t deliver on his campaign promise. So while the Democrats balk at the $5 billion needed for the wall, estimates have been as high as $245 billion in the yearly cost to taxpayers to pay for those who are here illegally.  That $245 billion yearly expense is taxpayer funding for Democrats to buy and secure future elections.  The whole idea behind socialism is to create a society that has more people in need of the government, which “freebies” seems to be the Democrats marketing slogan.

Democrats are also making America less safe as statistics from the Government Accountability Office show illegal aliens are responsible for 15 murders per day in America, including an officer in Newman whose wife is now a widow and child is fatherless. How many American families have lost loved ones over the years? It seems like the Democrats have no problem funding sanctuary cities but balk at the idea of protecting Americans by funding a “wall” or “fence.”

Democrats will talk about the child who died in Border Patrol custody; but will not mention that the parents refused medical assistance. Nor will the media mention that 16 children under similar circumstances died during the Obama presidency.  Had the Democrats not encouraged those families to come, those children would not have died in custody.  Therefore, it is the Democrats who have blood on their hands.

You have to laugh that $15 million has been raised on GoFundMe to build a wall by Americans while $147,000 has been raised by Democrats loyalists to build a “border ladder.” And don’t you find it ironic that those same Democrats favored sending $150 billion to a terrorist regime in Iran; but say no to $5 billion for a border wall? We must not forget that the Democrats also blocked a healthcare bill for our veterans just before Christmas.

While the media continues to be the talking head of the Democrat machine, they had egg on their face after criticizing Trump for not visiting the troops; not aware that Trump was enroute to Iraq in a surprise visit to see the troops.  No wonder Trump canceled the press Christmas party at the White House.

In California, which is on its way to socialism, the gas tax was not enough. Democrats were pushing for a tax on texting. Luckily, the FCC stopped the Democrats from implementing the tax and we can text in California without the worry of a tax.  However, be sure the Democrats must think of new ways to tax everyone since Gov. Newsom has promised free healthcare and childcare services, including free community college to everyone, including illegal aliens.  With all the “freebies” even former Gov. Jerry Brown is sounding like a conservative warning the Socialist Democrats will go too far in their spending and tax legislation.

There is no wonder why California is now ranked the worst state to do business as 13,000 companies have left the high taxes Golden State between 2008 and 2016, the most recent statistics available.  “Departures are understandable when year after year CEOs nationwide surveyed by Chief Executive Magazine have declared California the worst state in which to do business,” said Joseph Vranich, President of Spectrum Location Solutions LLC and study author.

With more free services to entice more to come to California, and with businesses and taxpayers leaving the state, it is only a matter of time before California leads America to a depression where everyone is poor except those elite Democrats.


Frank Aquila

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