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Mowers lack courteousness
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

The city might rethink the private company that is mowing the grass in our Ceres parks. I don't have a good experience with them and let me tell you what happened.

Occasionally I like to enjoy lunch in Roeding Heights Park on a blanket under a tree. My girlfriend joined me on July 24. We sat there until a mower from Valley Scapes rode closer and closer. He had the whole huge park to mow but he stopped his mower and glared and asked us to get the blanket up and move it "so I don't throw grass all over your blanket." We were reluctant since he had so many other places to mow first. We moved our blanket and expected him to mow the spot we were sitting on. He did not. He made two circles around the tree and then shot off. We placed on our blanket back down.

The guy had an attitude toward us because the next time he raced by with the mower he came close to our feet and sprayed grass on us.

He never once came back to mow that spot nor did he mow the entire lower drainage basin portion.
The work was shoddy and so was his attitude.

I miss the days when city staff did the parks. At least they finished the job, left us picnickers alone and were courteous.

Kevin Dubois,