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Newsom has forced twisted amorality upon California

Editor, Ceres Courier,

We have elementary school kids attending drag shows, indoctrinated with sexuality discussions without parental consent and men allowed in women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and to compete in women’s sports.

The culture war is not “manufactured.” It’s over. A small minority, with the help of governors like Gavin Newsom, have forced this twisted amorality upon all of us.

If you believe banning porn and drag shows in elementary and middle school is a loss of freedom and if you believe California’s COVID policies were superior to Florida’s, I’m not sure we agree upon much of anything and certainly not the definition of freedom.

With mail-in ballots the norm in California, with conservatives moving to saner states and with Hollywood, academia, news media, Silicon Valley all effectively being arms of the Democratic Party, I suspect Joe Biden will “win” California by even more the next election.

Here is a novel idea: how about a ballot initiative to bring back an Election Day with voter ID? Everyone I have ever met regardless of ethnicity, gender or economic background has an ID and can remember the first Tuesday of November.

Ah, I live in hope and will most likely die in despair.

Tom Casey

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