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No hope & change in Trump

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I don't see how Trump will bring hope and change. He has approved the wall that will cost $15 billion and has frozen hiring for all but the military. So where does that put the VA, which needs more doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses? Is that hope?

In 8 years Obama added to the debt. What is Trump's plan going to cost? Tax cuts, sure, for the one percenters, privatize Social Security and vouchers for MediCare. I don't think they are entitlements. How will he pay for insurance for all Americans?

It will be interesting to see him round all the illegal immigrants. Heck, in the past they took them back to the California-Mexico border and they beat the bus back to the area. It was a joke.

I, like many others, are waiting to see where this country goes with no checks and balances on the president and the Congress and Senate are afraid of his Twitter attacks. Can he fire the Congress?

Walt Butler,