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No on Measure S because we pay enough in taxes

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Measure S. It's all about the money! Yours and mine!

When our libraries began in the late 1800s and early 1900s, they were the cities' responsibility. This practice continued until 1999 when the cities, low on funds, couldn't support their libraries, so they cried to the county and the taxpayers for funding. This eighth-cent tax was supposed to sunset in 2004. This time libraries cried and pulled at our heartstrings for funding and we bought into the ruse. Again, the tax was supposed to sunset, but again the libraries cried. Again we were duped. In 2012, we were assured yet again that the tax would sunset -- be needed again for only five years. Again, that was a lie!

Now Measure S is on the ballot, and you are being asked to again fund this entity that seems to take it for granted you will fork over your dough. Have they even planned for your failure to fund? No. They're planning new hires, new programs, and new equipment. Do you think the cities will ever take back the responsibility of funding their libraries? Why should they? You're doing it!

They say this is not a new tax. But it is a tax. Are you paying property taxes now? Well, get ready for the vehicle tax, road tax, gas tax... When do we say no?

Let's take California back! Let's start an eighth of a cent at a time! Vote NO on Measure S!

Truman Jensen,

(Editor's note: The cities are not responsible for the county library system. Voters have understood the terms of the tax duration and approved it every time it has been proposed).

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