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No one has sued chiropractors for sports physicals

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Scott Siegel's dual positions as Ceres Unified School District superintendent/executive vice president of CUSD's Modesto insurance carrier represent a conflict of interest. Regardless of the fact the insurance carrier qualifies for a form of non-profit status, Siegel is in violation of California State Department of Justice Code 1099, under the Office of the Attorney General. The public and private sector positions Siegel simultaneously holds are incompatible and unjustifiably overlap in jurisdiction.

Contrary to Dr. Siegel's claims against me, California Inter-scholastic Federation (CIF) Rule 307 authorizes chiropractors to perform physical evaluations. As medical practitioners, both medical doctors and chiropractors are State authorized to diagnose conditions, diseases or injuries. Also, each are legally entitled to make medical assessments and perform physical examinations.

Notwithstanding, there is no record of any lawsuits finding chiropractors liable for giving athletic physicals. It would serve Dr. Siegel well to remember he is a doctor of philosophy (ergo philosophical matters), and not a medical doctor or a practicing attorney. As a school superintendent (and serving as an executive vice president at a private sector insurance claims group), he is eliminating local chiropractors and causing them to be replaced by physicians from outside of Ceres.

I would suggest giving vouchers to public school superintendents like Siegel so they can transfer to private schools.

Bruce A Lutes D.C.,