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No one more qualified to be sheriff than Jeff Dirkse

Editor, Ceres Courier,

We met Jeff and Sandi Dirkse at Monte Vista Chapel. Jeff had just left the Army and returned to the Turlock area to take over his family's farming business.

Though Jeff's career had been in the military, he impressed everyone with his approach to farming. He was curious. He was always asking questions of more experienced farmers, trying to improve his own practices.

Then Sept. 11 happened. We all knew Jeff would return to the military. No matter how difficult it was to leave his family, his patriotism and devotion to his country required him to serve. It's how he's wired.

He didn't just voluntarily re-enlist, though. He specifically looked for a unit that already had deployment orders. That's how he ended up commanding a National Guard company for a year in Iraq.

When he returned, he told us he was drawn to law enforcement, inspired by people he served with. It was no surprise that he finished at the top of his training class and was immediately hired by the Sheriff's Department.

We can't think of a more qualified, experienced and prepared person to become our next sheriff. On June 5, we encourage everyone to support Jeff Dirkse.

Kurt and Shirley Spycher,

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