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Nobody policing requirement for workers compensation

Editor, Ceres Courier,

It is law that all businesses with employees must carry workers compensation insurance. However, there is no government entity policing this. They are supposed to be, but are not. We have hundreds of small businesses struggling to pay the outrageous work comp fees (California's are 35 to 60 percent higher than other states), when there are hundreds who are not. Those who are paying their premiums are doing so as they fear being fined or imprisoned.

I recently was attacked at my job. I informed my employer, she told me to go to my doctor and bring her the bill. When I told my doctor I was hit at work, he said he couldn't treat me and to go to the workers comp doctor. I told my employer this and she said she didn't have work comp, and fired me. I called the Department of industrial Relations and they sent me a packet to fill out which would reimburse my medical bills, but I still am unable to see a doctor.

Our state seems to only care about threatening small-business owners into paying premiums, and not about the wellness of injured workers. So why are any businesses paying for it?

Dylan Delhart