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Not all immigrants are the same

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Immigration is a controversial topic over the years and it came to a high controversy during the last election. I heard people talking about how immigrants are bad people, that they came here to commit felonies. But it isn't all true.

I believe that migration is a human right, and I am not in favor of any illegal migration; however, I've seen people being against immigrants living in the United States, or simply doesn't like the fact that in America there's people who aren't American-born citizens. I've come across people who have gotten looks because of the way they look, because their families are from another country, or simply because they are from different cultures. I feel like people shouldn't be judging immigrants; they shouldn't look at all immigrants as illegal.

The United States has had a lot of immigration over the years and at some point this helped a lot the country, but people do not come here to commit felonies. That is just a stereotype but not everyone is the same. People, despite their nationality, come to the United States for a better life, more opportunities, to pursue the American Dream and I truly feel that looking at immigrants as the same is just unfair.

Julied Urrieta,

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