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Not in favor of restricting freedoms on YCCD campuses

Editor, Ceres Courier,

During my time as a community college trustee, I have voted against restrictions to student freedom such as limiting their ability to apply for credit on campus, etc. Assembly Bill 1594 would make it a crime for any person to smoke a tobacco product or e-cigarette on a state university or community college campus. So, our students and staff who can vote, be tried as an adult for a crime, and serve in the military, can't have a cigarette in a designated smoking area when they have a break?

This legislative bill further provides that the trustees of each community college district have the authority to enforce these standards and impose fines. Well, as your local community college trustee I, for one, will not vote to further restrict the freedom of our students and staff.

Tom Hallinan,
Area 7 Trustee,
Yosemite Community College District

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