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Obamacare built on lies

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The greatest lie ever told was, "You can keep your health insurance if you want". For the last eight years, conservatives have been warning you that liberals, progressives, environmentalists, and the diehard Democrats will lie to you so that they can get what they want.

The California Air Resources Board is telling you that "Cap & Trade" is a tax on the oil companies, not you. Mr. Obama is telling you that the insurance companies are being taxed and not you. Conservatives have said all along that you are being taxed.

Mr. Gruber, the Obamacare architect, has been shown on video many times repeatedly saying that the American voter is stupid. He told how the Obamacare law was deliberately written in a befuddling manner to hide the truth so the public will believe that passing on the cost of taxation of a corporation is not a tax on people.

There are many videos of Mr. Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and others touting Mr. Gruber's economic policies regarding health care issues and how Mr. Gruber helped form Obamacare. Now they claim they do not know who Mr. Gruber is. Rep Pelosi and Sen. Feinstein seem to have amnesia also. What happened to the promise that most Americans will see a $2,500 drop in premiums? Most Americans saw premium increases. Rep. Schumer has become critical of his fellow Democrats for pushing to pass the ACA in the middle of the Great Recession instead of focusing on jobs.

It seems the lies being told are not fooling conservatives, but the liberals, progressives, environmentalist, and die hard Democrats.

Prior to the liberals gaining power and control in this state, California had the best education in the nation. It was economically a power house. Jobs for people at all skill levels and opportunities.

In 2006, the Democrats gained a super majority of Congress. If they are so wise, then why did they not stop the great recession two years prior to it happening? Why are the Democrats allowing jobs to go overseas and pollute the planet in foreign countries? The planet is now in worst environmental shape now than on Dec. 2, 1970, when the EPA was founded. The pollution from other countries is coming back to the USA. Instead of public policies to curb pollution, they implemented policies to move the pollution sources.

Because of America's new oil boom due to fracking, OPEC is increasing their production output to try to break America's production capability. Oil prices are dropping like a rock. The Keystone pipeline project will help continue to force oil and gas prices down. Democrats wrongly believe that CO2 causes global warming. They cannot find any physical properties to support this lie, but they confuse people with unrelated charts to show it is true. But I keep asking for the physical link to prove their assertions. Democrats have been fighting the war on poverty since the 50s. If they could not move the poverty line in 60 years, why would you think that they can fix the rest of the economy? Ask yourself if you are better off now than 20 years ago, if not, don't blame me. Vote conservative.

Scott McComas

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