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Obamas racial division of the United States
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

President Obama is dividing America with racism. His administration pushed for the trial of George Zimmerman even though there was sufficient evidence that the killing of Trayvon Martin was justified. The liberal media encouraged the racial tension calling Zimmerman a "white Hispanic." After the "not nuilty" verdict, Attorney General Eric Holder sought anyone who has racist information on Zimmerman by contacting the Department of Justice so he can file federal charges against Zimmerman. When has our government ever sought tips from the public in the form of a "witch hunt" after a "not guilty" verdict? Obama then states that he could have been Trayvon 35 years ago, stirring up more emotion.

Is George Zimmerman really a racist? Let us look at the facts. Zimmerman is a Hispanic, not white, and actually has Afro-Peruvian roots. (He is part black). He has black relatives. He and a black friend opened an insurance office in Florida. He took a black girl to his high school prom. He has donated time to tutor black children and launched a campaign to assist a homeless black man that was assaulted by a white kid. Obama, Holder, and the media are still trying to make this about race; but Zimmerman was not white enough.

Those against Zimmerman argue, "If Zimmerman would have stayed in his car, Trayvon would be alive," or "If Zimmerman didn't follow Trayvon, none of this would have happened." Well, since we are on the matter of "if", let us consider Trayvon. If Trayvon were not dealing and doing drugs, and if he didn't have stolen jewelry, burglary tools, and if he had not been suspended from school, he wouldn't have been sent to stay with his dad's girlfriend, and as a result, wouldn't have been in Sanford, Florida. If Trayvon had not been smoking marijuana and would have walked down the public streets instead of trespassing through private property, he would never have encountered Zimmerman. If Trayvon would have answered Zimmerman's question by saying "Oh I'm just passing through sir," and went on his merry way, he'd be alive today. If Trayvon wouldn't have racially profiled Zimmerman himself as a "crazy a-- cracker" and called the police instead of his friend, (because isn't that what you do when you're fearful that someone might harm you?), then the outcome would have been very different. If Trayvon wouldn't have cold-cocked Zimmerman, jumped on top of him, broke Zimmerman's nose, pounded Zimmerman's head into the concrete, and told Zimmerman he was going to die tonight, Zimmerman would have never shot him in self defense and he would be alive.

As a result of the "not guilty" verdict, Al Sharpton and others have led demonstrations of civil disorder, which has led to countless assaults and destruction nationwide, including the murder of a 20-year-old "white girl" in Dearborn, Mich. Sharpton and the Obama administration are inciting racism and dividing America. The Black Panther Party placed a $10,000 bounty on the murder of George Zimmerman. There are countless murders across America of black on white, white on black, and black on black. Where are the rallies for Darryl Green, a black 17-year-old who was murdered in Chicago by other blacks for refusing to join a gang? Where is the outrage for 13-month-old "white Hispanic" Antonio Santiago, who was shot in the face at point blank range by De'Marquise Elkins, a black 17-year-old, during a robbery attempt of his mother?

I'm still waiting for Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all their supporters to demand justice for the death of Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith, after they were ordered to "stand down" during a terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi. However, to the Obama administration, they are just "bumps in the road" and "what difference does it make anyways?" They push it off that it was "a long time ago." Wasn't Trayvon's death a long time ago too? Why are we still discussing this? It is because dividing America and racial tensions distract from real scandals such as "Fast & Furious, NSA, wiretapping on reporters, IRS, and revealing the dereliction of duty that caused the deaths of those fine American Men who died in the Benghazi Terrorist Attack!

"What difference does it make?" Obama is successfully dividing America and isn't held accountable to anyone.

Frank Aquila