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Ochoa sounds racist tone
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am writing regarding the letter from Guillermo Ochoa printed in the last edition of the Courier.

I was disturbed in reading this letter. To me, the letter came across as though he was basically stating the City Council is made up of white Americans by white Americans and any other ethnic background doesn't stand a chance. Why else would he repeatedly state his heritage? I believe in his effort to show the council as being racist, he made himself come across as just that -- racist. Now we all have our opinion, and are entitled to it. It just bothers me any time I see a candidate run strongly based on their ethnicity. Candidates should run based on ethics, not their ethnics.

He goes on to state that members come "from the same self-perpetuating inner circle." The fact is that people want to group together with like-minded members of society, this includes voting for them. So, of course, there is a bit of an "inner-circle." You might see the president of a large corporation spending time with a like-minded office clerk while purposefully not associating with a gang member. Furthermore, the council isn't a "club," but rather a position that is voted on. People who run for office all want to make a difference for the greater good and put forth the time and effort to accomplish this. Those that make the effort to vote do so because they want to see a difference in the community and agree with the views of said candidates.

I can tell you with these types of comments, I wouldn't want a person on the council like this and it doesn't matter to me what color his skin is. If Mr. Ochoa doesn't like the results he is getting when running, perhaps he should take another look at the platform he is standing upon.

Duane Thompson,

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