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On U.S. funding cuts & Medicare Advantage

Editor, Ceres Courier,

For many seniors, Medicare Advantage provides the perfect health insurance coverage. A lot of low income seniors find Advantage to be beneficial because it offers coverage with little to no monthly premiums or co-pays. Some seniors also desire its extra benefit options, like fitness, dental, and vision coverage. Right now, certain elected officials are trying to cut funds from the program. As someone who votes in every election, I am glad to know that Representative Jeff Denham thinks this is wrong. It is important for Medicare Advantage to remain intact, and I hope he will encourage other members of Congress to stand up against these cuts.

Medicare Advantage offers dental and vision coverage, as well as fitness coverage options. These services help seniors with ongoing health maintenance. They can monitor their eyes, teeth, and overall stamina for changes. This is especially crucial for detecting larger health problems early on. Fitness coverage helps seniors stay active, which is important because a lot of them slow down as they age. Funding cuts to Medicare Advantage would cause these services to be eliminated first, which would greatly impact how seniors manage their health.

Another way funding cuts would damage Medicare Advantage is by driving up its costs. Seniors could expect higher co-pays for doctor visits and medications. They would be forced to pay monthly premiums, and would have fewer options available. Higher costs would be especially hard for low-income seniors to deal with.

With less funding, Medicare Advantage plans will not provide as good of coverage as they do now. Seniors would lose the ability to properly maintain their health, and they would stop going to doctors and receiving medications if they couldn't afford it. This would greatly impact everyone's ability to live a long and healthy life. I hope Mr. Denham is successful in gaining support from the other members of congress to oppose these damaging cuts to Medicare Advantage, and that the rest of congress considers how this issue will help decide our votes in coming elections.

Lonnie Chadd

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