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Ontel contract worthwhile

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I was walking my dogs Monday evening at Ceres River Bluff Regional park. I had a chanceeincounter with an armed Ontel security officer wearing a bulletproof vest. I believe his name was Corporal Bratton just doing his job.
Was there a confrontation? No, I'll tell you what happened. My safety was why he approached me and with the utmost respect he explained park times, closure, lock-down procedures and reasons why.

According to the Ceres Courier, "The city has been contracting with Ontel Security Services to patrol Smyrna and Ceres River Bluff Regional parks since 2007 after a string of violent episodes."

Based on my experience when it comes safety, for the city to contract with Ontel Security Services, its money well spent.

Craig Keesler,