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Parents have glowing review of Beaver School

Editor, Ceres Courier,
We are the parents of two children who are students of Patricia K. Beaver Elementary School, in Ceres. We made the decision to have our children attend Patricia K. Beaver Elementary, a leadership school, because of the premise of the schools emphasis of the book, "The Leader in Me," written by Stephen R. Covey. Along with the Common Core curriculum, Beaver Elementary offers teachings from "The Leader in Me," which instills the seven habits from its leadership program for children of all ages. This program is geared for children to be goal oriented, prioritizing and to be a positive contributor to the world. Piloted by other schools in the country, "The Leader in Me" and the "Seven Habits of Leadership" shows how effective this program truly is and has positive potential for all the students.

To show the influence of this program, Patricia K. Beaver Elementary School has contributed to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which the students held a penny drive to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. The kindergarteners, first-graders and second-graders donated to the Toys for Tots program at a local venue within Ceres. Patricia K. Beaver Elementary School implemented a canned food drive during the holiday season for assisting families in need in our community. These are only but a few ways that Patricia K. Beaver Elementary has contributed to the community using "The Leader in Me" program teachings in a positive light, all within its first year of opening in Ceres Unified School District.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as the staff is another positive story on its own. Starting with the teachers, they have shown belief in the program by constantly incorporating the "Seven Habits of Leadership" throughout the day's teachings. As parent volunteers, we have had the opportunity to see this first hand in Mrs. Wells first grade class. She continually reminds the students of the "Seven Habits of Leadership" in a positive and encouraging light, while teaching her daily lessons. The entire staff make it feel like a family atmosphere; very warm and welcoming. The office staff is completely attentive and courteous when anything is asked of them. The principal of Patricia K. Beaver Elementary, Libby Holmes, is the head of this positive charge; leading and helping her teachers in having the students find the leader in themselves. By doing so, Mrs. Holmes holds an assembly on Fridays to select a "Leader of the Week" in each grade. This is a well sought after honor by all students, as all would like to be happily given the title "Leader of the Week". This is a positive honor that the children look forward to it weekly and strive to achieve.

We are pleased with the decision we made for our children to attend such a wonderful school. It was a major choice to be made for our family. Pleasantly, we are extremely happy with the awesome and positive influence that Patricia K. Beaver Elementary has placed on our children. In conclusion, Patricia K. Beaver Elementary School offers not only education, but also a positively charged environment for shaping future leaders.

Steve and Leticia Vidal,

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