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Parking limits in front of store unfair to others
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

On Friday, Feb. 14 I patronized Hair Dynamix Hair Salon located at 3230 Mitchell Road in Ceres. I noticed a freshly painted white with black lettering indicating 10-minute parking curbing in front of the Indian store.

I also noticed elderly patrons having difficulty finding a parking place close to the building and were struggling to walk a small distance while these two parking spots remained empty.

This parking lot also has only one handicap parking spot near the Hair Salon that has been in business for more than 15 years.

I know that the painted white spots that prevent open parking for any of the businesses is a code violation and needs further investigation.

What is to stop other businesses from doing the same and not being good neighbors to their business neighbors in the same strip mall?

With our economy barely recovering, what gives the owners of one establishment the right to reserve parking for 10 minutes for their business when any store shopping takes more than 10 minutes? They did not take into consideration their other neighbors such as the flower store and the Liquor King store.

I would appreciate someone looking into this. As a consumer, I am tempted not to visit an establishment that I have been frequenting for 15 years when the parking is now becoming an issue.

Marie Cunnington,

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