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People live when people give (blood) – do your part

Editor, Ceres Courier,

We are rapidly approaching the time of year when people once again resolve to do “good things” and discontinue doing “bad things.” Some succeed, but many fail to accomplish their well-intentioned resolutions. I generally fall into the latter category except for one New Year’s resolution I made 40 years ago.

Having seen the advertisement for the local blood bank’s need for donors during the holiday season, I resolved that in the new year I would donate a pint of blood every time I was eligible. I kept that resolution and donated six times. At the end of the year, realizing I was only two pints away from a gallon, I decided to complete a one-gallon donation.

I proudly displayed the bank’s “One Gallon Club” license plate frame on my car. Then I thought, “I’ve donated one gallon, now go for two.” So, I did ... and then three and then four. Now 40 years and 20 gallons later there is a continuing satisfaction in the knowledge that I have had a part in helping many people survive a catastrophic incident who may not have survived had they not received a blood transfusion.

In this holiday season, if you would like to share your good health with someone who needs help, I encourage you to be a whole blood or plasma donor. As the blood bank slogan so aptly states, “People live when people give.”

Jerry Durakis

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