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People of faith attacked viciously by those without
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I read with much interest your comments and Frank Aquila and others. I find I am amazed that those who disagree with those who are only expressing their rights of freedom of speech as an American citizen are so violent and with words of such hatred. Their words accuse all who disagree and express our beliefs and opinions. They hate them for their beliefs and opinions and are really the ones demonstrating such hatred and violence with their words of such vitriol and anger.

Frank Aquila did not use these kind of violent word when he expressed his opinions nor do you Jeff. Please give us the same privileges and God-given rights to also express our beliefs and opinions. Years ago a pastor friend of mine said something that has helped me through the years and I also believe can help in these situations. He said that he and his wife had learned to agree to disagree agreeably. It worked for me and my husband who shared 48 years of marriage before he passed away some 21 years ago, and I have found it works in my relationship with my children, grandchildren, great-grands, friends and acquaintances. It's alright if they disagree with me. I still love and honor their opinions.

So when we speak of our love, faith, trust and belief in God and His son, Jesus, we know whereof what we speak. As one man said of the salesman does when he promotes and presents his particular product in which he believes and knows through experience, "It works - try it yourself, see and experience the results." When we quote Scripture it is not our word, we are expressing God's Word and that of his son, Jesus. Yes, I know many don't believe the Bible is His Word, that it is just another book, but again let me say try it for yourself, take Him at His word and experience the great results.

Venita Weed,