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Protest water rate hikes

Editor, Ceres Courier,

First we get hit by California SB 1 tax increases - which became effective today. This tax will increase the amount of money we pay for gasoline and diesel. Then January 2018 we get hit by an increase in DMV registration fees.

Now the Ceres City Council is proposing a big water rate hike beginning 2018. According to the Courier, residents will see a 40 percent hike in 2018, 37 percent in 2019 and smaller increases for the following three years. A 40 percent and 37 percent hike! What are they thinking?

To is too large an increase for residents to absorb all at once. In order to stop this proposal, it will take at least 50 percent plus one of Ceres residents to submit a written protest; and we're only given until Nov. 13 to do this.

Please take the time to drop off your protest (stating your name and address) at the City Clerk's office or mail it to: City Clerk, City of Ceres, 2720 Second Street, Ceres CA 95307.

Help us fight the exorbitant rate hikes.

Florence Cardenas,

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