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Resident since 1999 dislikes looks of Ceres

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I really enjoyed your article about our little town of Ceres and the lack of improvements to this date. You mentioned all of the things that I have pondered since my move here in 1999.

We have not seen anything that would make the town beautiful.

Some of the things I would like would be an Applebee's, Sizzler, Chili's, etc. I like Mexican food, however, do we need so many of them?

We go to Modesto and Turlock to eat out and it really makes no sense for me to be supporting their town with our money when we could spend it in Ceres! It seems every time a person is on our City Council, the subject of making our town beautiful and to add new stores, restaurants ... then it goes nowhere. Again voting time comes around and the same old bull is promised and again nothing is done. Why do we keep these people in office over and over?

What has happened to our Walmart Supercenter that we were going to build? It is stopped by some foolish people, "Citizens for Ceres." They have this lawyer who just works these silly protests and stirs the you-know-what. They have no good reason for stopping the building of it, and the City Council does nothing after it had been okayed to start building. I don't understand any of it; something is wrong with this picture.

The town has so many empty buildings that they could put a show or roller rink for the children. Why do you think Ceres does not get any business off the freeway? There is nothing to get off the freeway to do!

There is garbage all over the city, old cars, slums that is what it is. And it is getting worse. What do the city fathers plan to do about this? My idea would be hire someone to go and clean up all the mess out there. I am sure there would be many out there who need a job. I don't see how that could not be a good idea.

I believe Jeff mentioned everything that many folks want to say however he says it better and it is fact that is what our town is like. Sad but true. I'm curious to see what person in high places agree with us and really tries to correct all or at least the majority of it.

Last but not least are the darn yard sale signs that stay on whatever they stuck them to. Why do we let them get away with not taking them down? Come on, people who live here in Ceres, take down your signs! You had the ambition to put them up; have the same and take them down. They make our city look like ghetto. I hate to see them. You all should be fined for not taking them down!

Also, I was informed that you need a permit for yard sales. The cost is $5. I'm sure people can afford the fee. Have some pride for the city you live in. I hope that someone else agrees with our editor and maybe our little town can be a "Mayberry" that by word of mouth we could get some of the rewards that our other cities get.

I will end this with a memory I have of my hometown of Aguilar, Colo., a small mining town. We had a theatre, and an ice cream parlor in the drug store where you could get the best milkshake. There were two bars, one of which had a very large dance floor. A grocery store that had everything you needed, the even made the best goat cheese. One large gas station and, of course, a jail and nice courthouse. So, no matter the size of your town, many things can be done for the enjoyment of its citizens.
Come on, City Council, show us some love. Make out city one that might one day be in some magazines about nice, small quaint cities.

Maxine Robertson,