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Respect our laws to stay in our great country

Editor, Ceres Courier,

America was a bold experiment, the result of our forefathers’ ideals and their willingness to risk everything to start it. Some say America was largely created with divine intervention at a time when we took on the world’s largest superpower to gain our independence.

America is still that shiny house on the hill. It’s why people from other countries flock to the U.S. — some legally and some not. U.S. citizens have to respect our laws. It is an insult to those who legally became U.S. citizens to allow illegal citizens to enter our country.

If U.S. companies are supporting illegal immigration they should be prosecuted. We are not a country of Third World nations who want to dump their populace on us illegally. We are a sovereign nation with the need to protect our border security.

We appreciate our legal immigrants. We regulate how many can come here from various countries. The Biden administration needs to protect our borders and our populace from illegal immigration. If immigrants have no respect for our laws they should not be U.S. citizens.

Debbie Howell 

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