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River has potential for recreation, local tourism

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The Tuolumne River is important because it has tremendous potential to be a source of recreation and sales tax for the region.

Every year, on or around the Fourth of July, my family, friends, and I head up to the American River in Sacramento where we rent rafts from American River Raft Rentals.  We load up family and friends onto the rafts and drift downstream with food, music, and drinks.  It never fails to be an incredible time for everyone involved.

Over the years, as we stopped in the area for last-minute purchases, I’ve noticed that visitors empty the shelves of local convenience stores looking for last minute swimwear, drink, or food.  These last-minute purchases in the region are good for businesses and sales tax all summer long.

I’ve kayaked in our Tuolumne River prior to its closure 120-plus days ago and have read the TRRP (Tuolumne River Regional Park) master plan.  Our river has potential but it cannot reach full potential without city funding and resident awareness, hence my frustration in the recent letter to the editor regarding the council’s lack of awareness of what is going on with the river.

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Solstice festival in Santa Barbara, the American Riviera, and it’s refreshing to see the love and awareness they have for rivers and parks. It would be ideal for residents to stop travelling so far to enjoy rivers when it can be done locally for the benefit of all.

Alvaro Franco,


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