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Rookie Congressman Harder lacks fiscal common sense
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

It’s becoming painfully obvious hat the 10th District’s new rookie congressman doesn’t have much financial acumen or common sense when it comes to complex issues, such as illegal immigration.

Rep. Josh Harder claims he’s opposed to President Trump’s $5.7 billion southern border wall because it’s too expensive. One wonders if Harder is able to understand that reducing the influx of illegal aliens over time will save the American people billions of dollars.

It’s apparent that Harder doesn’t understand or care that illegal immigrants cost federal and state taxpayers more than $100 billion annually, according to the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

So, get this: Harder doesn’t want to spend about $6 billion to reduce the inflow of illegal immigrants (now 60,000 each month, up 86 percent over last year), but he’s okay with U.S. taxpayers spending $100 billion on illegal immigrants who have snuck into our country.

Frankly I am appalled that our congressman has so little common sense and that we have a representative elected with probably close to 99 percent (read Nancy Pelosi) of out-of-district funding.

Harder also tells is that border walls are ineffective. Again, he is either highly ignorant or flat out speaking with a forked tongue to his constituents. When Israel built a 143-mile wall to protect its southern border, illegal immigration fell 99 percent.

Crimes like these happen because Democrats like Harder could care less about border security compared to ethnic pandering and the votes of people here illegally.

Elizabeth Best,


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