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Saddened to see Democratic Party grow more anti-Israel by the day

Editor, Ceres Courier,

How sad that every day President Biden disrespects, complains, second guesses, micromanages, and distances himself and the Democratic Party from our great dear friend Israel.

President Truman, a Democrat, was instrumental in supporting the birth of Israel as a modern nation in 1948. Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton were staunch friends and supporters of Israel. But beginning with Carter, then Obama, and now Biden, these three Democratic American presidents have grown progressively more anti-Israel. There are over one billion Muslims and 23 Muslim nations worldwide. There are only 16 million Jews but one Jewish homeland nation, Israel, in the world. Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas have vowed to destroy Israel and eradicate Jews from the Middle East if not the world. I believe the United States has always been blessed  because it has befriended Israel and Jews. As a Jew and a former Democrat I am saddened to see the Democrat Party grow more anti-Israel by the day.

Burton Roseman

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